Let your child sell Bubble Tea for their Entrepreneurs Day

Elevate your child's entrepreneurial skills with bubble tea delight!

Does the idea of your child’s School Entrepreneurs Day make you feel anxious?

Don’t worry!

Why not sell Bubble Tea?

It’s quite easy!

Apart from bubble tea being a trendy and popular refreshing drink among people of various age groups, especially the younger ones, its unique combination of flavours and the fun factor of popping boba make it a true novelty!

Bubble tea also tends to have a reasonable profit margin, which is a bonus, right?!

It also allows you to offer a diverse menu to cater to different taste preferences. It is also highly customizable, because people can choose the type of tea, sweetness level, ice level and toppings.

This could be a unique selling point for your booth!

This venture also provides your child a chance to learn about running a small business, including budgeting, pricing, purchasing supplies and customer service.

It’s a practical way for them to gain valuable entrepreneurial skills and insights.

Your child will have the opportunity to learn how to take orders, handle transactions and improve their social and communication abilities.

All the while educating their curious customer base about the wonders of Bubble Tea!

Your child’s Bubble Tea booth will have the kids talking and commenting on each other’s various combinations of flavours!

They will flock to try out the taste of sipping those popping boba’s up the wide straw!

We recommend the water-based bubble tea option, since many children are not too fond of the chewy Tapioca Pearls. Plus, milk may not be a good option for an Entrepreneurial day at school, since some children might be lactose intolerant or allergic to dairy. 

Why Choose Bubble Tea Empire for your child’s Entrepreneurs Day?

We provide EVERYTHING Bubble Tea under one roof!

Not only do we have various flavours for ice tea concentrates, popping boba and sugar syrups available, but we also provide the cups, dome lids and colourful straws! Everything you need to make sure your bubble tea drinks look professional and delicious.

We understand the business of bubble tea and will be able to help your child have a successful Entrepreneurs Day (while having FUN and making a PROFIT!).

most popular & tastiest flavours

As experts on what our customers order on a regular basis, we've decided to make this easy for you! See our list of popular flavours with sugar syrups OR our list of popular flavours with ice tea concentrate. It includes what popping boba flavours go really well with which flavour syrup or ice tea concentrate. Here are also some quick ideas to give you the perfect head start:

The TOP 5 TRENDIEST Popping Boba & Syrup Flavours: 

Boba and syrup combinations are very easy to make! All you need is your cup, a scoop of popping boba, a squirt of sugar syrup mixed with weak tea and ice! And Voila! You have a beautiful bubble tea. Here is a list of our favourites:

  • Blueberry boba with Melon syrup
  • Litchi Boba with Blueberry syrup
  • Passion Fruit boba with Mango syrup
  • Strawberry Boba with Peach syrup
  • Watermelon boba with Cotton candy syrup (this one will be a hit with the kids!)

The TOP 5 MOST POPULAR Boba & Ice Tea Flavours!

Another very easy bubble tea is pre-mixed ice tea with your popping boba. All you need is to premix your ice tea concentrate with water. Simply scoop your popping boba into your cup, add some ice and pour the ice tea over it! And there you go! You’ve just created a masterpiece. Here is a list of our favourites:

  • Blueberry boba with Mixed Berry Iced Tea
  • Litchi Boba with Strawberry Iced Tea
  • Passionfruit boba with Watermelon Iced Tea
  • Strawberry boba with Peach Iced Tea
  • Watermelon boba with Lemon Iced Tea
fun ideas for your child's bubble tea booth

Give EACH flavour a UNIQUE name! This will draw kids’ attention and have them talking! Let your child's creative mind play around with ideas, especially names that fit their school's culture, things that their peers will relate to etc. Here are some examples:

  • Berry Fusion Bliss
  • Litchi Berry Burst
  • Tropical Tango Delight
  • Strawberry Peach Serenade
  • Cotton Candy Heaven

You can even make it possible for the kids to customize their bubble teas, by adding their own combinations together. Or give them a Surprise Me Drink or Guess this Bubble Tea’s Flavour! You could even incorporate this into a mini-competition to obtain traffic to your child’s booth! Decorate the booth with lots of bubble tea pictures, plastic balls or balloons to replicate the popping boba.  

Customize your own stickers to print and paste onto the plastic cups! Let your child design their own little logo

quantity of ingredients to buy

Now that you're all excited about your child's Entrepreneurs Day, you're probably asking the most important question: How much of what do you have to purchase?

Follow this link to our water-based Bubble Tea Quantities Page to make this step super easy!

We also provide you with various recipes and how to guides on making bubble teas - follow this link to our Guides & Tips page. We regularly update content on this page to crown you with as much bubble tea knowledge as possible!

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Buy the ingredients now