Taro Milk Tea

Have some purple power!

Taro milk tea has a sweet, nutty flavour with a subtle but creamy vanilla finish. It is one of the most popular bubble tea flavours.

Due to its starchy nature, it creates a thick and creamy texture once cooked and blended. There are many varieties of how to make a yummy Taro, but first, we want to share the most basic recipe with you. It is so easy to make at home and enjoy with your family and friends.

You can even pair it with coconut milk and jasmine tea, to give it that full floral, nutty, and mellow flavour.

The acclaim of taro root, goes back hundreds of years, if not thousands, to an era that even predates rice! Its one-of-a-kind taste and texture is still enjoyed around the world, so you have to try out this very easy recipe today!

  • 2 cups of water
  • 2 Tea bags (Earl Grey or Jasmine Green Tea) or 1 tbsp of loose tea leaves
  • 80ml of milk (milk of your choice, but coconut milk recommended)
  • 60ml (or 3 BTE powder scoops) of Taro milk powder
  • 2 Boba scoops of cooked Tapioca pearls (*see our recipe on cooking tapioca)
  • 120g of Ice cubes
  • Simple Syrup for extra sweetness (or condensed milk)
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  • Bring water to a heat of 176ºF/80ºC on the stove top or use a temperature-controlled kettle. Don’t boil the water, or else the tea is likely to become bitter.  (Alternatively steep the tea according to your personal preference).
  • You can steep the tea leaves (or tea bag) in the hot water for 5 minutes. Remove the tea bag or strain the loose leaves.
  • Add the taro powder and mix well. Set aside to cool. Pouring it into a shaker and shaking it is an even better option! We have a plastic or stainless steel option available.
  • Place the cooked tapioca pearls into one or two BTE cups or tall glasses.
  • Cover the tapioca with the ice cubes.
  • Pour the brewed tea mixture over the ice cubes and then pour the milk over the tapioca and ice cubes.
  • For extra sweetness, cover with our simple syrup or condensed milk. 
  • Serve with colourful straws and enjoy!
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