Mango Passion Boba

passionate & bubbly

Making purees with fresh fruit and our sugar syrups, create delicious flavours that doesn't taste synthetic. On top of that, pairing them with our various flavoured popping bobas gives you a truly unique experience as they pop in your mouth. 

Mango and passion fruit go really well together, giving you a perfect summertime refreshing drink. You can experiment with different fruits, syrups and popping bobas to create your own regal bubble teas.

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  • In a blender purée half of the fresh mango bits with the sugar syrup. 
  • Mix the purée with your brewed tea and some of the ice in a shaker. 
  • Scoop the passion fruit popping boba into a cup or glass. 
  • Scoop the rest of the fresh mango bits on top of the boba in the cup or glass.  
  • Cover with the rest of the ice.  
  • Pour the mango mixture over the ice, but leave a little bit left over. 
  • Froth the leftover mixture with a milk and coffee frother to give your drink a bubbly look. 
  • Pour the remaining mixture over the drink.  
  • Garnish according to your preference.  
  • Enjoy the burst of passion mango fruitiness! 
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