Iced Cappuccino Bubble Tea

An iced cappuccino bubble tea!

This is a very easy drink to make! 

Bubble Tea Empire's Cappuccino Milk Powder has a beautiful soft and creamy taste without it being overpowering. It is really sweet already, so taste before you add more sweetness to it. But we do recommend trying some condensed milk or vanilla extract to compliment the cappuccino milk powder. 

The beauty of this drink is that you can add toppings or ingredients to the Cappuccino to make it more unique to you. For example, you can scoop some cream with a dust of nutmeg on the top! 

  • ¼ Cup of cooked tapioca pearls (See our recipe on How to cook tapioca pearls)

  • 250ml Milk (any preferred milk)

  • 2 Tbsp Cappuccino Milk Powder

  • 1 Tbsp hot water

  • Ice cubes (as much as preferred to fill one glass)
  • 1/4 Tsp vanilla extract (Optional) 
  • 1 Tsp Condensed milk (Optional for extra sweetness, but the Cappuccino Milk Powder is sweet already!) 
  • Cream and a Dust of Nutmeg as a topping (Optional) 
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  • Dissolve the Cappuccino Milk Powder in the warm water. Pour the milk into the mixture and stir well. A shaker can also be used for this step. 

  • Scoop the cooked Tapioca Pearls into a glass or a cup. 

  • Cover with ice cubes! 
  • Pour the Cappuccino milk mixture over the ice cubes. 
  • You can add a sweetener such as condensed milk. Kindly note, taste beforehand. The Cappuccino milk powder does have a good deal of sweetness to it already! 
  • Adding vanilla extract does give the Cappucino bubble tea a beautiful taste, if preferred! 
  • To make your drink look fantastic, scoop some cream and dust a bit of nutmeg over it for a delicious royal finish. 
  • Sip and enjoy the yummy Cappuccino taste with the chewiness of the Tapioca Pearls. 
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